Binghamton University Graduate Combinatorics, Algebra, and Topology Conference

Getting to Binghamton

There are many options for getting to the Binghamton area. For a comprehensive guide, we recommend Binghamton University's Visit Us page. If you are traveling by air, you can use flights to AVP (Scranton), SYR (Syracuse), ITH (Ithaca), or BGM (Binghamton). Please check which of these airports will be the most affordable for you to use; prices can vary dramatically based on where you are traveling from. If you are traveling by car, use this address for your GPS: Binghamton University, 4400 Vestal Parkway East, Vestal, NY 13850.

Lyft and Uber are active in the Binghamton area, as well as several taxi services. You can find our public transit bus routes here. Standard fare is $2.00.

Navigating Binghamton University

All the talks for the BUGCAT Conference will be in the Lecture Hall (LH) building, located on the west side of campus.

Parking is free on campus during the weekends, except for the metered parking lots. Lot L is reserved specifically for those attending BUGCAT. If this lot becomes full, the next closest parking lot is Lot M. Parking map

Below, you can see a map of campus. The arrow indicates the direction you will enter campus using the main entrance. Lot L, Lecture Hall, and Chenango Room are all circled on the map. If you would like an interactive map to assist you in navigating the campus, we recommend this map, which has a search bar accessible from the top right.